Erol OzleviAcclaimed international Film/TV/Commercial Director, with his love of humor, and based in LA, has two Rom-Com films on Netflix and Amazon Prime. For 16 years, he has been directing popular feature films, revered TV episodes/seasons, and commercials for global brands, continuously transforming creative visual concepts into tangible forms of media that connect with large audiences. After having film production experience in the U.S., with over 3,000 days of directing on TV & Film sets globally, he possesses experience working at the international level, collaborating with executives, producers, crews, talent, and brands/clients from various backgrounds, and have proven the ability to capture and generate a final project that regularly exceeds expectations.

Aaron Erol Ozlevi earned his Master's degree in Film Production from Emerson College, Boston in 2000. During his film school years, he has been nominated two times for the EVVY Awards and won the best documentary film in 2000. Immediately after graduation, Aaron Erol moved to New York and began his directing career.

Aaron Erol Ozlevi deeply appreciates the actor-director relationship and he is obsessively committed to creating beautiful cinematographic images. Honors graduate from Graphic Design in 1998, Aaron Erol is constantly seeking to full fill his passion for fine arts.

In his spare time, he shoots still pictures and writes his feature film. He speaks English, Spanish, and Turkish. He is a true sea lover, he sails into open seas every year