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Acclaimed international Filmmaker with a love of humor

Aaron Erol Ozlevi, born in Turkey to Ladino/Spanish parents, is an acclaimed director based in Los Angeles. With over a decade of experience, Aaron Erol has successfully directed three feature films, including works featured on Amazon Prime and Netflix. His directorial prowess extends to revered global TV pilots, episodes, and seasons, as well as captivating commercials for renowned brands like Pepsi/Mojo, Nestle, Lipton, and more.

Over 100 episodes of directing on TV shows, including 5 pilots

Aaron Erol’s remarkable journey soared with his debut first Feature film broke box office record, which lead him to direct  his first TV show, Little Lord, securing the top spot on national Turkish national TV for 39 consecutive episodes. These exceptional accomplishment firmly established his reputation as an adept TV director, propelling him towards new and exciting ventures. As he continued his directing journey, Aaron Erol has a track record of directing six TV shows, more than 100 episodes including the pilot episodes. 

Earned Master’s degree in Film Production from Emerson College, Boston

Aaron Erol earned his Master’s degree in TV & Video Production from Emerson College, Boston. His remarkable academic journey was punctuated by two EVVY Award nominations, with a victory for Best Documentary Film.

Committed to creating beautiful cinematographic images

In recent news, Aaron Erol has recently graduated from the esteemed DGA and AICP’s Commercial Directors Diversity Program (CDDP). Deepening his commercial acumen, he honed his skills in cinematography workshops under the tutelage of distinguished cinematographers such as Allen Daviau, Russell Carpenter, Karl W. Lindenlaub, and Jacek Laskus.

Speaks English, Spanish, and Turkish with an EU passport and Permanent Residency in the US

Aaron Erol is a member of the TV Academy and actively volunteers for organizations such as the Motion Picture & Television Fund. In addition to his directing work, Aaron Erol is an accomplished photographer and a true sea lover who sails into open seas every chance he gets. He is a citizen of Spain and Turkey and a legal resident of the US.